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Advice Is Essential In Custom Buffets Projects

Advice is essential in custom buffets projects

Implementing and managing a hospitality project is probably one of the biggest business challenges that can be faced. And much of the success along the way is due to the support of collaborators dedicated to their same values ​​of quality, innovation and excellence.

At King’s Buffet we know it and that’s why we have spent decades researching the best buffets and show cooking solutions to help you grow your business. We identify your needs, we apply our experience to devise the best way to meet them and we put ourselves to work to make just the product that your project requires.

Basic tips for advice on tailor-made projects:

  1. Previous measurement and study of the dining room, the technical and project department, will analyze the best location of the different elements and prepare detailed plans and 3D perspectives. For this, it is important to study well the physiognomy of the restaurant, main entrance of customers, the accesses to the kitchen and the office to see what is the traffic of waiters and distances for food replacement.
  2. Each client and each business, however much they may seem, “is a different world” and therefore, each project must be treated in a personalized way for the installation of all kinds of buffets, self-service and show cooking in the hotel and restaurant industry.
  3. The needs of the establishment will be analyzed with the client, for example, knowing the service that is going to be given, if it is only breakfasts or complete with lunches and dinners, the number of diners that they want to attend in total and those that can be seated in the restaurant, variety and presentation that you want to offer. The objective is to obtain a functional dining room that, with the minimum investment in equipment, achieves to attend to the flow of diners required. Of course, without waiting lines, comfortable, easy and fast, both for customers and for waiters. Based on this, your dining room will need a versatile buffet for breakfast, coffee breaks or brunch, or a full show cooking facility and several buffet tables, islands and accessories.
  4. When we have ready what will be the most optimal and ideal project for your restaurant, that’s when we move on to design and decoration, recommending the one that best adapts to the decorative space or adapting ourselves to the needs of each client or customized design if it had it. All our products and models can be easily and aesthetically integrated into either modern or classic dining rooms, as well as into small cosy rooms or into large dining rooms of All Inclusive type hotels
  5. Finally, and for the client’s peace of mind, it is important to follow up. During all the

phases of this process, from the design to the installation, our sales department will guide you through the stages of your project until finalising with the setting up of the installation within the agreed period of time.


We leave you with some basic examples of 3D projects

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