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Buffets For Mountain Hotels And Ski Resorts.

Buffets for mountain hotels and ski resorts.

The Tourism of Nature and Snow increasingly gets stronger.

In Spain, these types of hotels, for the most part, operate only in the winter season and usually attract a large group of people. For this type of client, the hotelier always prefers to give a buffet service since it is much more functional than serving at a table. Half-board is usually offered.

The configuration of buffets for mountain hotels and ski resorts, unlike coastal and city hotels, is with greater exposure of hot areas. Hence the importance we give, as we have done in previous publications, to the preservation of food at its proper temperature.

Our systems heat the display countertop, heat and keep the food on the top of the screens and as an option for the most demanding, we also heat the dishes on the front. But do not forget that food must leave the kitchen at the optimum temperature (at a minimum of 65 ° according to current sanitary regulations) to ensure that these foods are kept in our buffets. In addition our buffets have thermostatic control of adjustable temperature in view of the customer.

To obtain optimum performance and achieve this purpose, it is necessary that the containers on which the food is exposed must have a completely flat bottom, in such a way that the entire container makes contact with the hot surface.

In order that the hot food is not dried, as well as its presentation is adequate, it must be removed, and if necessary, replaced, to re-prepare in the kitchen, adding the consumed product and returning it to expose from kitchen to its due temperature. That is the proper way of use to offer the customer a good presentation and optimal product conditions throughout the service.

Finally, to say that our entire buffet range is adapted to the decorative spaces of this type of hotel, generally rustic.

We leave you with some examples of buffets installed in these years ago.

Photos taken from the web.

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