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A Good Buffet So That The Presentation Of Food Is Guaranteed With Maximum Hygiene

A good buffet so that the presentation of food is guaranteed with maximum hygiene

When presenting food in a buffet, it is not only vital to check that they are exposed to the appropriate temperature, but also to ensure that the machinery where the food is exposed complies with current hygiene and sanitary regulations and of security.

It is not the same to “feed” than “feed” and there is no doubt that we eat with the eyes, therefore also, hoteliers must take care of the presentation of food exposed and present a more attractive offer due to each Again, demands of its customers.

King’s Buffets countertops, unlike other manufacturers, are completely smooth and do not have joints, joints, corners or drains to prevent the proliferation of insects and bacteria.

The contact heat and cold technology is exclusive to King’s Buffets and allows to use any type, shape and size of container to ensure proper temperature conservation.

Our furniture buffets for hotels and restaurants, for their robust manufacture and the highest quality of materials, their designs and technology, ensures that food is exposed with maximum hygiene and helps to enhance the presentation without a doubt to make it more attractive.

The buffets and show cookings of King’s Buffets are the only buffets in Europe approved under the NSF standards, which certify an absolute hygiene sanitary and ETL security. Both are the most demanding in the world.

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