Equip’Hotel 2008

In this edition, we participate with exclusive models to offer breakfasts in Hotels, restaurants and large collectives, betting on the French market especially, carrying the following buffets:

  • Buffet of the Design State series , with the cold and hot worktop, measures 3600 mm long.
  • Show cooking, Modern type , with a sophisticated style, mobile, small size and its cooking equipment built into the countertop, with areas of heat at the ends either to present what is cooked or to make a trough in front of the customer. We incorporate in this design, RGB LED decorative lights with remote control.
  • Cold buffet and heat type F focused more for city hotels to also give other services like brunchs and coffee breaks.

Equip’Hotel 2003

After the success and acceptance of the first participation, this year King’s Buffets participates with a more personalized stand, once again taking its star product:

  • The Design State Series Buffets . A unit of almost 6 meters in length with the cold countertop and heat supported by a single foot. And the other two units, special for breakfasts and measures 3600 mm. This time, in one of these units of this series, incorporates as a novelty, the world-patented anti-insect air curtain system designed to avoid insects in open-air buffets, such as hotels in beach areas , Golf club social clubs or any establishment in warm areas. The system consists of a sheet of air that creates a protective barrier around the food exposed in the buffet.The air curtain is regulated electronically and prevents passage to all types of flying insects.
    We also carry:
  • 1 Show cooking type Z , with spectacular curvatures and supported by a single central oval foot and all its cooking equipment embedded in the worktop to ensure maximum hygiene, also offering hot silvers through the front.
  • Hexagonal Z type cold island special for desserts or breakfasts with conical leg. A very particular design with metallic colors.
  • 1 Buffet of the series Pekes focused for Hotels type Turismo Family.
  • And finally as a novelty, the Desbarase station specially designed for All Inclusive Hotels, a product to have everything perfectly arranged in the dining rooms buffet, or in any facility in its hotels and / or restaurants. The Desbarase Station is a compact cabinet that centralizes and orders the collection of used utensils and waste and the replacement of table linen, cutlery and glass. The station houses three trolleys where the used utensils (crockery – cutlery, glassware and tablecloths) are deposited and the waste to be later brought to its corresponding service area with ease and already classified.

Equip’Hotel 2001

This year, King’s Buffets makes a strong commitment to international fairs. This is undoubtedly one of them. We present in a great stand, the following novelties:

  • Design State Series Buffets , patented worldwide and we have 3 units. 2 of them, for breakfasts, with cold and heat by contact, of measures 3600 mm and a more spectacular, that had a great acceptance in this edition and where the visitors could verify a sophisticated and innovative design in a model of almost 6 meters with A countertop with cold and heat supported by a single foot.
  • To offer the desserts, we have two cold buffets with different designs: a very elegant semicircular mural island and a hexagonal island.
  • To finish, 1 Special Buffet of the series Pekes . Great ideas seem simple once discovered. Pekes series buffets make self-serve within easy reach of children. With a height of 70 cm, mobile and faithful to the philosophy of hygiene, quality and design of King’s Buffets, the Pekes series covers the needs of hotels oriented to Tourism Family , and children’s dining rooms.
    Designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, special emphasis has been placed on creating a decor that appeals to those “small customers”.
    This buffet has digital thermometers in sight, so that the children learn to know the widespread use of the buffets system.