Hotelex Shanghai China 2001

This year King’s Buffets makes a strong investment at the international level, and specifically at this fair attends, after finishing its great exhibition in Chicago. Two completely different markets but offering such novel models where acceptance is equally spectacular. We attended with own stand taking the following models:

  • Buffets from the Design State series , patented worldwide and we have 2 units. 1 of them, for breakfasts, with cold and heat by contact, of measures 3600 mm, and 1 more spectacular, that had a great acceptance in this edition and where the visitors could verify a sophisticated and innovative design in a model of almost 6 meters With a worktop with cold and heat supported by a single foot.
  • To offer the desserts, we take a cold island semicircular mural very elegant and,
  • To finish, 1 Special Buffet of the series Pekes . Great ideas seem simple once discovered. Pekes series buffets put self-service within reach of children. With a height of 70 cms, mobile and true to the philosophy of hygiene, quality and design of King’s Buffets , the Pekes series covers the needs of hotels Oriented to the Family Tourism, and of the children’s canteens.Pensados ​​for children between the ages of 5 and 12, special emphasis has been put on obtaining a decoration that appeals to those “small clients”. This buffet has digital thermometers in sight, so that the children learn to know the widespread use of the buffets system.