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Jupiter Albufeira Hotel: Family & Fun

Jupiter Albufeira Hotel: Family & Fun

Of the 4 hotels that make up the Jupiter Group and after a major comprehensive reform and investment, this 5-star Resort was the last to join the chain.

With several leisure areas and more than 400 rooms, this new hotel unit is suitable for families who appreciate above all fun during their holidays.

It has 3 restaurants, 4 swimming pools, its own water park, a great Kids Club as well as having a wide range of services and activities within the reach and preference of each family member because being on vacation also means relaxing and therefore also has of a Spa to enjoy the atmosphere and energies as well as the various treatments they offer.

Undoubtedly, a spectacular and modern Hotel focused on Tourism Family, of the highest quality and that you can also choose if you wish for an All Inclusive service.

As far as buffets are concerned, it has followed the same line as in the other hotels, the mobile Z Series. These buffets are decorated in white as in the Marina Hotel and the Jupiter Lisboa, but it has double the furniture (2 cold central buffets for starters and desserts and 2 large show cookings), as well as incorporating as a novelty the Pekes buffet Modular series.

A way to also customize the buffets for the entire chain.

We leave you with some photos of this elegant and modern installation.

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