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Hygiene Above Everything

Hygiene above everything

If to the problem of the coronavirus, we add the lack of sneeze –guards for protection in the buffets, besides exposing the food without its proper temperature, we will achieve an explosive combination to get us infected, if not for the Covid-19, it will be by a food contamination.

Today more than ever we want to discuss in this post the importance of hygiene in food exposure.

Since our beginnings, hygiene has been one, if not the most, of the most important factors to consider for King’s Buffets.

It’s not about having a commercial slogan like the one we have from “The most hygienic buffets in the world” to try to reach our customers, we are talking about a very serious issue that cannot be ignored and that we all have to be aware of, and even more so in the sector that we are moving and that is massive. We must be able to offer our customers maximum food safety and exposure.

It is not possible to sell by selling, it is not possible to invest to get out of the way and someday I will offer something better or say, that as the fashions and trends are changing fast, I invest for a short period of time at a cheaper price. It is not possible.

This year, when we turn 25, we want to express and convey how important hygiene is in the manufacture of buffets. From day one we have been fighting and investing every day for research and development in this field and for continuing to maintain the highest worldwide certification we have in health and safety hygiene, the maximum guarantee such as NSF and ETL certificates.

The most scrupulous hygiene is the one to keep in mind when manufacturing a buffet, and that is what must be taken into account when investing in a new project, either with King’s Buffets or with any other manufacturer in the world. 

Therefore, we recall with this post and emphasize that the design of the furniture buffets is taken care of to the last detail, so that in the countertops there are no corners, joints or joints as well as drains where dirt can accumulate and which are easy to clean. Preferably that the technology of cold and heat is by contact, thus we can improve the presentation and expose with a more attractive tableware. This technology allows us to put any type, shape and size of vessels and will also allow us to adapt to the current situation and recommendations, such as a presentation in a single dose for example. 

Also, discard the total absence of wood in their structures to avoid the permanence of insects and bacteria. It is equally important that the food comes out of the kitchen and is displayed in the buffet at the appropriate temperature, not forgetting that the buffet is designed to maintain the temperature of the food that comes out of the kitchen and not to heat or cool. 

And of course, never forget the sneeze-guards for protection screens placed at the height and inclination of the legislation.

All this will pass and we will come back little by little. From the King’s Buffets family we want to convey all our encouragement and support to all our clients and to the entire tourism sector that is one of the strong keys of our economy, and we offer ourselves without any commitment to advise and resolve any doubts you may have on this matter.

Nothing is more important for King’s Buffets than to ensure that the presentation of food in their buffets and show cookings is done with maximum hygiene.

Buffets that comply with the hygiene, health and safety regulations, NSF and ETL

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