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Hotels Without Buffets In The Medium Term Are Not Viable

Hotels without buffets in the medium term are not viable

In case this Covid – 19 was not harmful enough, aspect that after so much information received, to the Spaniards has become crystal clear the gravity of the same, There are often additional reports which only aggravate the situation for free.

We refer especially to those of the “very black” future of the buffets and more specifically to an experiment shown yesterday in the news of Antena 3 of some supposed scientists where they try to demonstrate the easy spread of the virus by using a supposed buffet, experiment that teases any average intelligence. They remind us of kindergarten experiments, which fill our hands with paint, touch any utensil with stained hands and the next child who takes the utensil gets stained. We believe that you don’t have to be too scientific to deduce such a finding. And the same happens with or without buffet.

At least they could have bothered to carry out it with the current reality that we live, keeping the distances of regulatory safety and sanitary in the buffet and that they will try to implant, And not with a bunch of people huddled around a table with a tablecloth full of plates and food.

It’s not that if the virus doesn’t kill us, we’ll starve. Risk 0 does not exist and we have been informed enough about how to minimise it, but it is also a matter of continuing to live, with responsibility and common sense, because if we listen to such negative scientists, even stage 0 would be extremely risky.

We all know that a crippling situation such as the one we are living in is absolutely unsustainable beyond a few months for this or any country or government, just as we will have to learn to live with this virus or others that might emerge for some time.

Likewise, all hotel employers, unions, users, know perfectly well that buffets in hotels, besides being one of the most valued services by customers, are essential elements in providing an acceptable and cost-effective service for the hotel company. A medium or large capacity hotel without buffet is not sustainable.

It is now a question of using inventiveness, which in this country there is a lot, and common sense, to make it viable in all aspects, including of course health.

Let us think reasonably: Will it not be safer and more effective to serve food through buffets, through a cook in an orderly way, on perfectly disinfected surfaces, either with our system or others and preventing the diner from having access to food? When we go to a bar to eat a lid, we pick it out of a display case and the waiter serves it to us. In the buffet it happens exactly the same, what has always been an attended buffet.

It will always be safer to serve the food only one person, in this case the cook behind the buffet, not the racking of waiters mixing with the customers, don’t you think?

This would be to carry it out in an extreme case but with total safety and without the exception of course of buffet service but there are other more alternatives and solutions, for example employing a mixed service, hot and show cooking in assisted buffets and cold unassisted but always supervised, so that it is accessed with order and security, so as to speed up the service somewhat more.

Or also employing new systems for the total disinfection of both the buffet and the food while the customer complies with the hygiene and protection rules to access them.

What is clear is that hotels without buffets in the medium term are absolutely unworkable.

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