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Show Cooking For Hotels And Restaurants (Part II): “Technical And Aesthetic Characteristics”

Show cooking for Hotels and Restaurants (Part II): “Technical and aesthetic characteristics”

4 months ago we wrote in our blog about what was the added value of cooking in view of the customer, the evolution of show cooking and the differences over conventional kitchens:

Today we want to continue the same, talking about the technical characteristics, aesthetics as well as what the trends are.

  • The hotelier, when making a show cooking project, must take into account technical and aesthetic aspects such as design, technology, reliability, versatility, comfort for both the client and the worker, robustness, hygiene and variety of services. And if in addition to all this, the product that is going to cook is of first quality, the triumph is guaranteed.

The trend is minimalist. Straight lines where everything is simple, harmonic colors suitable to the place, without so much decoration where at the same time the stay is made comfortable to the diner and highlights the presentation of food.

Let’s not forget that the buffet will be the perfect complement. They are an option that every day occupies greater prominence since they fit in many types of establishments. The buffets were the pioneers where all the cold and hot foods were incorporated. Later it was when the show cooking began to be incorporated as a specific specialty and now practically for those who can afford a great show cooking, the buffets have been maintained but in the majority, rather for the cold starters, without or with very little hot starter and also the desserts, accompanying them with a great show cooking where all the hot is integrated, both what is prepared at the time as a specialty, as those already previously cooked in central kitchen and are exposed in the same line.

  • For the manufacture of these show cookings we recommend that the materials are robust, resistant, hygienic and long lasting. Our structures are made of 5 mm thick laminated steel in the whole set and stainless steel. The coating can be made of synthetic materials that are easy to clean, but it should never take a single millimeter of wood to avoid the proliferation of insects and other bacteria. The countertops, although the trend of a few years here is made of synthetic material to obtain smooth colors, with some exceptions, we always opt for natural stone such as granite to be able to manufacture them in whole pieces without joints or joints where food remains can not accumulate no nonsense and hygiene is guaranteed as it is a material that does not get stained and our technology of cold and heat is suitable in this material. In addition to this, that the elements of cooking are encastrables and of quality, also for a better cleaning of fats and is all in a same line, without recesses.
  • Finally, energy and ecological saving is an unavoidable condition when it comes to projecting show cookings of all kinds, both for the hotelier and for the client, who is increasingly aware of the environment. Within this context, it is becoming more important in show cooking, aspects such as efficiency as well as simple handling. In the latter, the technological improvements that facilitate the daily and routine task are very appreciable, such as speeding up the time, but requiring easy handling, without complexities.
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