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PROFUZION – “A Great Installation Of Buffets For A Great Wok Restaurant In France”

PROFUZION – “A great installation of Buffets for a great Wok Restaurant in France”

King’s Buffets has recently installed one of the largest Wok Restaurants in France and this time it has done so in Chasseneuil du Poitou, located in the city of Poitiers.
The buffets chosen for this restaurant have been those of the classic Z Series, with curved lines and the countertop supported on two round legs where is housed one of the latest powerful electric centres and state-of-the-art mechanics of our own design with robust components of the current technology which is responsible for producing hot and cold as well as the lighting, and is the solid control centre for all the functions.
Although the buffet design is one of the classics of the company, they have been decorated with modern lines, with neutral colors and LED lighting on the legs giving it a more refurbished look and in keeping with the design of the rest of the restaurant’s furniture.

Four large, mobile buffets, more than 5 meters in length with double capacity Gastronorm 1/1 have been launched. One of them completely cold, another all hot and the other two mixed combining the cold and the heat with different spaces and capacities.

The inauguration has been a success and the customers emphasize the good taste in the design of the buffets, the breadth and comfort of the restaurant and above all, the exquisite presentation of the food with a great variety and quality of products.
In the cold, the customer can choose freely between serving suhis, canapés, prepared salads or compose himself. You can serve the raw product in vegetables, meats, fish and seafood to later bring it to the open kitchen and prepare it to your liking with different wok sauces or grilled. Hot food prepared with variety in rice dishes, pastas, stews and fish stews, fritters, etc … and to finish, a good dessert buffet with fruits, pastries and ice cream.

King’s Buffets specializes in France in the large Asian Wok catering market and in a few years has managed to install more than a hundred restaurants throughout the country.

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