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In King’s Buffets we are ready for this new generation of Buffets post Covid 19.

This year we have just turned 25 years old and thanks to our constant commitment in researching new developments and improving equipment, We ensure that our technology is always at the forefront and with the highest global NSF sanitary hygiene certifications as well as ETL technical and safety. We are the only buffets manufacturer in Europe that has these regulations.

As a result of this effort, our research team has developed a very simple disinfection system that is effective for your buffets and that definitively resolves the spread of viruses around them, creating an ozonated environment that eliminates any possible focus.

The system of this innovative equipment that King’s Buffets has registered, consists of a sheet of ozonated air, analogous to that used in operating rooms, which creates a protective barrier around the countertops and consequently the food and utensils exposed in the buffet, are disinfected.

According to the World Health Organization, OZONE is the most effective disinfectant against all types of microorganisms, eliminating 99% of them. It should only be applied to its fair extent and under the supervision of professionals in the field.

The installation is very simple, because it is a question of placing some supports in the front of the buffets, with screws that would hold the longitudinal bars of stainless steel impellers of the disinfection, creating a purified environment and free of virus. Inside the buffets is placed a small disinfection producing equipment that would be connected to the driving bars and to the buffet’s own electrical box.

King’s Buffets, from its headquarters in the Technological Park of Andalusia, and concerned at all times for food hygiene and safety, works constantly in anticipation of future needs and at the time already created its system of air curtain against insects and bacteria for outdoor, system registered years ago as a patent invention.

Now, for hotels and indoor restaurants, we have this new system analog but with less power to give maximum efficiency to disinfection by applying air with ozone.

Do not hesitate to contact the leader in the manufacture of buffets, sure you will find a solution to your needs as it has always been, ahead of the times.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and one of our sales advisers will provide you with all the information you need.

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    King's Buffets – Buffet Tables Manufacturer

    Over the last decades, King’s Buffets has consolidated its position as the leading manufacturer of buffet tables in Spain. For this reason, we would not only like to give our sincere thanks to the hospitality sector for the trust and confidence they have shown in our company, but also renew our commitment to quality and research.

    Our Certificates and Approvals

    King’s Buffets, in order to achieve the highest quality, has been able to standardise its latest models, since the year 2000, in accordance with stringent hygienic-sanitary and security NSF, ETL standards, which validates the majority of regulations worldwide.

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