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Maximum Hygiene

King’s Buffets is the only European manufacturer of exclusive buffet tables certified with NSF standards, maximum hygiene-sanitary certification worldwide, and ETL in security. We rely only on leading brands and components that exceed resistance tests, following environmentally-friendly criteria. These tests are carried out in our factory’s laboratory in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (Málaga’s science park), where constant investigation is also conducted, so that the Energy consumed by their products is as low as possible (energy efficiency).


Great care is taken right down to the last detail on the design of the buffet tables and self-service stations, to ensure there are no corners, or joints where dirt can accumulate and they are easy to clean. Likewise, the total absence of wood needs to be highlighted in order to avoid the permanent presence of insects and bacteria.

Nothing is more important for King’s Buffets than ensuring that the food displayed on their buffet tables and show cooking stations is performed with maximum hygiene.


Our buffet tables and islands are mobile, meaning that it only requires one person to move them to thoroughly clean the floors and the equipment itself.

The models of buffet tables supported on various feet or on a single foot, offer a sense of transparency to its clients as if the food were suspended in the air. This enhances the products, thus gaining a better presentation.

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