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Design State Buffet

Design Creation Date: October 2000
Restyling Date: January 2015
Description Possibly the best buffet table in the world for Hotels, restaurants and large communities.
Our star product is a unit that summarises King’s Buffets experience of firm commitment to design and elegance.
A model that is sophisticated and innovative in design that measures up to 5 meters long, equipped with a cold and / or hot counter top supported by only one leg. A buffet table with maximum quality that seems to present food as if it were suspended in the air.
The Design State Series represents the most advanced state of technology and mobility applied to buffet tables to ensure maximum hygiene in food presentation.
Length: From 3600 mm to 5000 mm.
Width: 1100 mm and 1300 mm.
Height: 920 mm.
Finished Dimensions: To be agreed with the customer.
Does it require electrical installation?: Yes
Does it require water and drainage facilities?: No.
Power Consumption in KW: From 2 KW
Structure : Laminated steel, 6 and 10 mm wide.
Use of wood: King´s Buffets never uses wood in their designs for hygiene reasons.
Portable Unit: Yes. Hidden Nylon wheels
Lighting in hot areas: Yes. LED Halogen Light + heat with resistors made of ceramics
Lighting in cold areas: Yes. LED lighting – special for food service.
Lighting in neutral areas: Optional
Decorative lighting: Optional. Dimmable LED RGB lighting with remote control.
Refrigerating unit: Hidden at the base. Full Access and REMOVABLE
Range of Temperatures: From -20ºC for a cold frost counter top to +85ºC for a hot counter top.
Wear Resistance: More tan 15 years.
Accessible by Handicapped Persons: Yes
Hot and Cold Technology: By contact.
Cold Frost Area?: Yes, From -20 ºC
Hot Area?: Yes, From +85 ºC
Neutral Area?: Yes. Room Temperature.
Dimensions of Cold Frost Area: To be agreed with the customer.
Dimensions hot Area: To be agreed with the customer.
Dimensions Neutral Area: To be agreed with the customer.
Available for wall use?: No
Available to use as a Central Buffet Table?: Yes, always.
Simple GN1/1 Settings?: No
Double GN 2/3 Settings?: YES. 1100 mm wide
Simple GN1/1 Settings?:: YES. 1300 mm wide
Does it come with a front plate shelf?: No. Optional only with superior access
With a plate heater? No. Optional only with superior access
Sneeze protection screen: Yes, in Stainless Steel (Lacquered finish Optional) + glass
Type of protection glass: Laminated.
Digital Thermometer -Thermostat: YES, within sight.
Air Curtain to repel insects: Optional.
Extraction Fumes Equipment: Not applicable to this model.
Teppanjaky Hot Plate: Not applicable to this model.
Induction or Hard Chrome Hot Plate: Not applicable to this model.
Glass Stove Top Cooking Range: Not applicable to this model.
Induction Cooker: Not applicable to this model.
Other Cooking Elements: Not applicable to this model.
Glass Guard: Not applicable to this model.
Buffet: Yes
ShowCooking No
Dessert compartments: Yes
All Included: Yes
Asian Catering: Optional
Event - Catering: Optional
Coffee Breaks Optional
Special Breakfast Buffets: Yes
Other Observations: --
Performance and others
Number of diners From 120 to 250 diners / units
Ideal for
  • Buffets for 4 and 5 star Hotels from 100 beds.
  • Buffet table for Golf Clubs, Riding Clubs.
  • Cold and Hot Buffets tables for Brunchs, Banquettes and High Standing Communities.
  • Buffets for Betting Clubs.
  •  High Range Buffet table for  VIP Rooms (Airports, Conference Center, Hotels,...)
Other facts
Delivery Time: To be agreed upon
National Shipping: Yes, managed by King´s Buffets.
International Shipping: Yes. EXWORKS Conditions- Málaga
Packaging:: YES. Included.
Installation: Our buffet tables are factory tested and delivered ready to connect.
3D Plan and Design: Yes. Included.
Standardisation: NSF – ETL – CE
Patents: YES. Design, utility and industrial model.
On its quest to achieve maximum quality, since the year 2000, King´s Buffets has received certification for its latest models, in accordance with the extremely high standards set out in the United States, which encompass the majority of regulations worldwide. The NSF standards certify a guarantee in absolute hygiene and sanitation and the ETL standards certify aptitude as regards safety. The exclusivity of King’s Buffets buffet and show cooking bars is based on the fact that they are models which have been PATENTED throughout practically the whole world..
Finishings and prices
Counter top : 100% natural Granite ( more than 10 models to choose) and other materials.
Decoration - Veneers: No
Paint - Coating: YES. Metallic or satin paint of the same type used on top range cars. RAL to choose.
Prices: The price will be agreed upon according to the customer´s choice as our buffets have many possible configurations

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and one of our sales advisers will provide you with all the information you need.

    Llámenos      (+34) 952 02 03 00


    King's Buffets - Manufacturer and Distributor of Hot and Cold Buffet table for Hotels and Restaurants

    Over the last decades, King’s Buffets has consolidated its position as the leading manufacturer of buffet tables in Spain. For this reason, we would not only like to give our sincere thanks to the hospitality sector for the trust and confidence they have shown in our company, but also renew our commitment to quality and research.

    Our Certificates and Approvals

    King’s Buffets, in order to achieve the highest quality, has been able to standardise its latest models, since the year 2000, in accordance with stringent hygienic-sanitary and security NSF, ETL standards, which validates the majority of regulations worldwide.

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