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Guarantees and Technical Service

Our equipment, despite having advanced technology, is incredibly simple when the time comes for maintenance and troubleshooting incidents. 

All the mechanisms have very easy access and are easy to replace when necessary, due to obvious wear and tear.

All the components, except for fragile elements, of course, such as glass, lamps, etc. are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects or assembly in supply for one year. However, those components that have been poorly handled or have suffered deterioration due to deficiencies in the customer’s premises, such as alterations in electrical energy, etc. are not covered.

In any case, we always keep a stock of any buffet component, which guarantees a virtually immediate dispatch of any one of them, once requested.

Nevertheless, our buffet tables are designed for long-term duration if adequately used and maintained.

King’s Buffets, as an exporter, is aware of the difficulties that can arise in reaching all corners of the world quickly. To give the best service to its customers, King´s Buffets recommends that the customer becomes responsible for their own buffet technical maintenance as it will be the most effective, trustworthy, fast, and economic way.

The vast majority of establishments that buy our buffet tables already have their own technical service, either as part of their team or a local external company, whom we consider to be perfectly capable, given the simplicity of our buffet tables to solve any technical problem, and they can always count on our advice.

Due to this proximity, the solution of any technical matter will be faster and cheaper.

Nonetheless, with the delivery of each King’s Buffets equipment, training is provided on both the use of the equipment, as well as maintenance and solution of incidents.


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and one of our sales advisers will provide you with all the information you need.

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