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At King´s Buffets we have held ethical principles since our constitution in 1995. We have always considered honesty as something fundamental. We are reliable, and transparent and we are fully involved in assessing and providing our customers with the best solution so that their buffet bars are in the same league as their establishments.

Our objective has nothing to do with the sales themselves, but rather we aim to provide the correct technical and human assessment. Based on our experience in doing what we do for over 40 years, we want to help the customer to always find the best option which will cover their needs, and we hope that eventually they would become our friend. This is what gives us the most satisfaction.

Our family-based philosophy

enables us to work closely with our customers and co-workers.

Our spirit of bettering ourselves and innovation is applied to every project, from the smallest to the most complex integral installations.

Over the course of the years, our strong belief in these values has greatly contributed to improving our equipment, design and technology. We are renowned in the sector and thanks to our privileged position, we continue to launch new models on the market and to perfect systems in this industry where we are the pioneers.

King´s Buffets is based on family pillars which have allowed us to boast a third generation dedicated to the exclusive manufacture of buffet and show cooking bars for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

Mr. Antonio Criado SR, founder and key player, was the one who instilled in us a spirit to fight, persevere, do things to the best of our ability and the importance of constant innovation, quality, permanent service, availability, personal treatment, reliability and the principles which make King’s Buffets what it is today.

We believe above all in quality. We offer a product with the highest standards, certifications, marks, technology, and at a reasonable price, taking into account our commitment from start to finish in the manufacturing process.

We do not believe in cheap bad quality products, which only serve to “make do” in the short term.

All this forms the basis for our strong support and investment in R&D over the last few years.

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