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At King’s Buffets we are experts in personally advising our clients and tailoring each individual project for the installation of all kinds of buffet tables, self-service stations and show cooking stations for hotels and restaurants.

Our aim is to help you find the best solution for your buffet dining room. To achieve this, we assess your establishment’s needs with you and then propose all the possibilities our models can offer. The objective is to obtain a functional dining room that with the minimum investment in equipment, manages to attend to the flow of diners required.

Depending on the flow of diners, your dining room will need a versatile buffet for breakfast, coffee breaks or brunch, or a full show cooking facility and several buffet tables, islands and accessories.

Project Phases

After measuring and studying your dining rooms, our technical and project department will assess the best location for all the different elements and will produce a detailed budget accompanied by plans and 3D perspectives.


Our buffet tables, self-service and show cooking stations can easily be integrated aesthetically into either modern or classic dining rooms, as well as into small cosy rooms or into large dining rooms of All Inclusive type hotels.

During all the phases of this process, from design to installation, the sales department will guide you through the stages of your project, until finalising with you the setting up of the installation within the agreed period of time.

At King’s Buffets we have been advising and working with all different types of hoteliers for more than 30 years and it would be our absolute pleasure to continue helping you improve your establishment with our buffet table range.

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