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Our Manufacturing Process

The goal of King’s Buffets is to achieve perfection in all of its buffet tables, self-service and show cooking stations for the hotel and catering industry and to meet the highest expectations of our customers in terms of hygiene, practicality, quality and resistence.

Therefore, we follow a strict production procedure in our manufacturing plant based in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (Málaga’s science park).


Our buffet tables are manufactured with a steel laminated structure of a minimum of 5 mm thick throughout the whole structure, which gives an incomparable robustness. Attached to this solid structure is the natural granite or synthetic compact counter top, polished one by one in an almost handcrafted manner, a lighting unit and metallic supports and laminated sneeze guard, with decorative finishes, such as high quality veneers or paints like those used for the bodywork of top of the range cars.



The screens and the interior of the lighting unit are made of stainless steel and the lighting is incorporated to adapt to each service: LED lighting – special power in cold areas and LED halogen lights combined with ceramic heat for hot areas.

All of our buffet equipment has digital thermometer indicators with thermostatic control of the temperature that is within sight of the customer.

This guarantees that the customer can see the temperature at which the food is exposed in the buffet tables and self-service stations, guaranteeing an optimal quality of the food, whilst allowing the staff of the restaurant or hotel to be perfectly aware of the state of the food and its proper temperature for service.

Once all this is assembled, the sneeze protection laminated guard is incorporated to prevent viral contamination of the food by people’s breath.


Our buffet tables can be personalised and adapted to the image of your company or to the decoration of the facilities of your restaurant, hotel or events’ room.

A wide range of choice is available from the colours of the granite or compact to the high quality synthetic veneers and paint, to achieve a complete harmony with the decoration of the room where the buffet tables or self-service stations are to be installed.

Also as an option, RGB led decorative lighting can be fitted with remote control to change the colours in accordance with the company´s design or to enhance the buffet when you want it to stand out for a particular themed occasion.


In the show cooking stations, the cooking equipment, such as plates, induction, wok, cookers, ….are perfectly embedded in the granite or compact counter top, to ensure maximum hygiene, avoiding joints where the grease can accumulate and it also takes care of the aesthetics and makes the presentation stand out. This feature also enables a great multifunctionality of our equipment, making it adapt to any need in the catering industry.



One of our most outstanding technological features is that inside our buffet tables there is housed one of the latest powerful electric centres and state-of-the-art mechanics of our own design with robust components of the current technology which is responsible for producing hot and cold as well as the lighting, and is the solid control centre for all the functions.

The careful design of our buffet tables does not imply that it is not easy to maintain the components, quite the opposite. For this reason, although all the mechanisms of our buffet tables are kept hidden and enclosed for protection, when it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the equipment, they are easily accessible. This facilitates its conservation without any danger for the clients.


Our buffet tables are made to work at full capacity for a minimum of 10 years.

The selection of hardwood and solid materials that are used in the manufacturing of all elements that make up a buffet table, a self service or a show cooking stations are of high quality. That is why the durability of both the surfaces, which must withstand a heavy workload, as well as all the machinery and mechanism, ensure the guarantee of proper functioning and hygiene.


Each buffet table that comes out of our factory has been thoroughly checked and tested and will arrive at your premises ready to connect.

No building work, no days for installation nor a large number of staff are required, in just a couple of hours from the time the table arrives, you can start service.

Our technician will oversee the connection in situ and provide you with advice in regards to the good use and maintenance of the equipment.

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