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The Marlin Antilla Playa Hotel is located in Islantilla (Huelva), has 73 rooms and is on the front line of an extensive beach that is also awarded the blue flag.

This hotel has worked conscientiously over the past few months to apply all measures against Covid-19 and make your stay 100% safe.

Only three years ago he completely reformed the buffet. A King’s Buffets buffet, of the F series with a simple design, which meets all the hygienic guarantees – NSF sanitary and ETL safety, with technology of cold and heat by contact.
Now in addition, this hotel has wanted to take a step further and bet on the maximum hygiene that can exist and has incorporated as an extra our new registered system of anti-bacterial air curtain and ozone antivirus.

At King’s Buffets we are ready for this new generation of buffets post Covid 19 and our research team has developed a very simple effective disinfection system for your buffets , which definitively resolves the spread of viruses around them, creating an ozonized environment that eliminates any possible focus.

The system consists of an air sheet that creates a protective barrier around the countertops and consequently the food and utensils exposed in the buffet are disinfected. According to the World Health Organization, OZONE is the most effective disinfectant against all types of micro-organisms, eliminating 99 per cent of them.

The placement is very simple because it is a question of incorporating supports in the front of the buffets with screws that would hold the longitudinal bars to/inox impellers of disinfection creating a purified environment and free of virus. Inside the Buffets would be placed a small disinfection producing equipment that would be connected to these driving bars and to the buffet’s own electrical panel.

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