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At King’s Buffets, we are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with MedPlaya Hotel Bellavista for the installation of a new line of buffet furniture. This project highlights our dedication to innovation, quality and design, elevating guests’ dining experience to new levels of comfort and sophistication.
Design and Functionality in Perfect Harmony to combine modern aesthetics with practical operation. Each buffet has been carefully crafted to optimize space and facilitate food arrangement, creating an efficient and elegant flow in the buffet serving area.

Installation equipped with three Multifunctional Buffet tables: a cold one for starters and salads, a hot one and a large central cold island for desserts and ice creams. Our buffet tables offer built-in storage solutions, sturdy and movable surfaces for added versatility. With clean lines and high-quality finishes, our buffets offer frosting cold and contact heat technology to keep food in optimal condition.

Also included are six auxiliary service buffets: two neutral buffets for breads and toasters and four neutral stations for coffees and liquids, all designed to complement the atmosphere of the main buffets and improve the customer experience.

Our collaboration with MedPlaya in the latest projects is not limited only to the installation of the buffet furniture; We have worked closely with your team to customize every detail to your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures that each buffet is not only functional and aesthetic, but also reflects the identity and unique style of its hotels.

With the installation of these new buffet furniture, the Bellavista Hotel in Bulgaria is prepared to offer its guests a superior dining experience. The combination of innovative design and practical functionality facilitates a more efficient and pleasant service, for both staff and customers.

We thank MedPlaya for the trust in our work and especially the management of the Hotel Bellavista for the close collaboration in all phases of the project, from the taking of initial requirements to the final installation of these new buffet furniture.

We wish you the greatest success!!

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