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The main function of a buffet is to keep food at its proper temperature.

  1. It is necessary to start from the base that the main function of a buffet is to conserve the food at its proper temperature, and consequently, the equipment is prepared to maintain the temperature at which the food has been exposed. That is, the food must leave the kitchen to a minimum of 85 ° C and the hot worktop of King’s Buffets will ensure that these foods remain at the same temperature and even increase slightly, since in addition our buffets have thermostatic control of temperature adjustable in view of the customer . However, it must be clear, that the team is not prepared to warm up, but to maintain, like any buffet concept that stands out.
  2. To achieve optimum performance and to achieve this, it is necessary that the containers on which the food is exposed must have a completely flat bottom, so that the whole of the container makes contact with the hot surface.
  3. In order that the hot food is not dried, as well as its presentation is adequate, it must be removed, and if necessary, replaced, to re-prepare in the kitchen, adding the product consumed and returning it to expose from kitchen to its due temperature. This is the appropriate way of using it to offer the customer a good presentation and optimum conditions of the product throughout the service.
  4. Finally, indicate that the current Health Regulations require that the product is exposed to a minimum of 65 ° C, although in practice, it will depend on the type of customer that each establishment has and the requirements thereof, for which it is necessary to always Present, that the buffet will keep the product at the temperature that leaves the kitchen.

The buffets and show cookings of King’s Buffets are the only furniture buffets in Europe approved under the NSF standards, which certify an absolute hygienic sanitary guarantee and are the most demanding worldwide.

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