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Today we want to congratulate the Hotel Faro Jandia in Fuerteventura as we have been surprised to see in the state that are the buffets after more than 11 years that are already working.

It is a hotel with 214 rooms and is located in one of the best beaches on the island.

They have a large restaurant with a set of central double-way buffets and double capacity, where diners can access comfortably from all sides avoiding queues and thus becoming a more functional restaurant.

You can find several buffets of King’s Buffets, cold for salads and starters, hot buffet, cold buffet for desserts and ice cream, circular neutral islands for breads and fruits and a great show cooking where they offer the specialties cooked to the moment and the view of the client.

The buffets are of Series Z, with round and oval legs where are housed the cold equipment as well as electrical panels. All furniture is mobile to facilitate cleaning.

They are decorated with a synthetic laminate imitating wood, matching the decoration of the restaurant and the whole hotel, where noble woods, natural stones and crystals predominate.

It is amazing to see a buffets facility in this state so careful and past all these years, having a more classic line design and is still seen according to a contemporary decoration.

Recall that both cold equipment and electrical mechanisms as well as certain materials, deteriorate earlier when they are very close to the sea. However, thanks to the structures of our fully metallic buffets where we do not use a single millimeter of wood to avoid the proliferation of insects as they accommodate cold compressors, it is possible that they remain in the current state they are today, And therefore, the durability is greater in these cases.

Congratulations to the Hotel Faro Jandía and we hope to keep your buffets going well for 11 more years!

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