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Buffets Antibacterial Protective Air Screen With Ozone

Buffets antibacterial protective air screen with ozone

Given the current situation and the uncertainty of how we will all face this new challenge once we are given the green light for the reopening of hotels and restaurants, you are many customers who are contacting us worried if we have thought of some specific system against bacteria or solution to be able to incorporate in the buffets, as in these last weeks through forums, news and seminars are being discussed a lot on how to proceed from now on, whether or not the buffet should be removed, precautions and improvements taken into account, among many other things.
For King’s Buffets the answer and solution has always been and will be the same: Hygiene above all to guarantee to all customers the maximum safety in the exposure and presentation of food.
On an industrial level we want to transmit with this post all the tranquility in several aspects because we have 25 years in vanguard to the service of all the hoteliers:

  1. On the one hand, you will remember that many years ago we obtained the patent for the invention of the air curtain system and bacteria for outdoor use that was already incorporated in ozone equipment so that the air quality is pure and therefore free of all types of germs. The system consists of a sheet of ozonated air that creates a protective barrier around the foods exposed in the buffet. The air reaches the buffet through stainless steel pipes from the generating unit.
    For hotels and restaurants with indoor buffets, we also have a similar system with less power to give all the efficiency to disinfection applying air with ozone.
    In its day, this system was optional and could be incorporated into most of our models.
    Now, for those customers who do not have this system, you can buy it and easily can be incorporated in the current buffets.
    We will study each specific case because depending on the length of the buffet and the design there may be different variations or solutions, as always, in King’s Buffets we work according to the needs of the customer.
  2. As for the own manufacturing and technology of our buffets, you also do not have to worry because all our buffets and equipment are certified worldwide under the strict hygienic standards – sanitary, NSF and ETL security . These are the maximum health guarantees that a manufacturer can obtain. There is not a millimeter of wood in our structures to prevent the proliferation of insects. Solid steel and mobile chassis for easy cleaning, vapour protection screens placed at the height and inclination of the legislation, cold and hot smooth countertops by contact, free of drains especially, visible temperatures, among many other qualities, all focused on the same, MAXIMUM HYGIENE IN BUFFETS.
  3. Last but not least, it will have to be taken into account and if a safe system is not available, it is how we are going to present the food ( if in principle the cold will go in a single dose and the hot ones served in a more personalized way or with individually protected trays.).) how will be the access to the room in a hygienic environment and with hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance and also placed in the buffets, how to avoid the massive manipulation of dishes or if it will be individualized at each table, etc…. But all these aspects are left to the professionals in the field.

We are as always at your disposal for any questions you wish to ask us, now more than ever we must be united to overcome this battle and in all that we can help you to improve and give maximum security and reliability to your clients, You can count on us.

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